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In the recent age of social and economic globalization and in an increasingly borderless world, we have seen a deepening of international interdependent relationships among nations, among regions and among individual people. Within this context, issues of peace, environment, poverty and human rights have all been put under close scrutiny. There has also been an increase in the number of foreign residents in Kanagawa, who are also settling here long-term. NGOs and NPOs are tending to carry out more international activities close to home, and thus regional society is going through some major changes.
Whilst exploring how society can contribute to solving such global problems, we must also deepen exchange and cooperation across borders. We must move towards a regional society where there is mutual understanding and acceptance of difference in nationality, race and culture and where Japanese and non-Japanese residents can live together harmoniously.
Kanagawa International Foundation(KIF) was formed in April 2007, by integrating the Kanagawa International Association(KIA) ※1 and the Kanagawa Foundation for Academic and Cultural Exchange(K-FACE)※2, and concentrates its efforts on the following 4 points:

1. Making Kanagawa into a harmonious multicultural community
2. Supporting the international activities of Kanagawa residents, and encouraging joint efforts with NGOs and similar groups
3. Nurturing internationally minded people capable of responding to global issues
4. Offering an image of the future from the region; solving global issues through academic and cultural exchange

※1 KIA was a central player from its establishment in 1977, in supporting citizens'level international exchange and cooperative activities and promoted a heightened awareness of global citizenship and the creation of a multicultural regional society.
※2 K-FACE was established in 1992 based in the Shonan Village. The organization implemented research, human resources development and academic and cultural exchange programs related to local and global topics focused on humanities and social sciences.

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